Facebook is now testing a new set of redesigned icons on its beta app meant for Android platform. These new icons appear to be inspired by Twitter’s recently introduced outline drawing icons which can be found through out the app including retweet, heart, and reply options. The same holds true for Facebook as it is using these new set of icons at different places on the app including like, comment, and share.

I came across these new icons after updating the Facebook beta app on two of my Android devices to the latest version I was able to see the change soon after the update was installed and I launched the app on both devices: Moto X Play running Android 7.1.2 Nougat (LineageOS) and Xiaomi Redmi 4 running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (MIUI 8.2).

As you can notice in screenshots, the latest Facebook beta for Android now has outline drawing icons for representing Feed, Friend Requests, Notifications, and Settings. The selected icon gets filled with Facebook’s signature Blue color. The newly redesigned icons can also be spotted in posts where you can find them representing Like, comment, and share options.

The situation remains the same for user profile screen as well. Here, you can find new icons for Activity log, Update info, View as, and options to edit profile picture.

As I said before that Facebook’s new icons appear to be inspired by Twitter’s icons. Here are a couple of screenshots to show you how these outline drawing icons look on Twitter.

At the moment, I am not sure at what level Facebook is actually testing these new icons and whether the test is restricted only to Android users. It is also hard for me to tell if the test is currently live only in India or also in some other parts of the world. But you can try it for yourself by updating to Facebook Android beta and see if the change appears on your device as well. If yes, do let me know via the comments section below.