Facebook Pages New Layout

If you have been paying attention to Facebook since past eight to ten months, you must have noticed that Zuckerberg & team has released quite a lot features and made different noticeable changes. And now, it seems like Facebook is working on a new design layout for Pages.

The new Pages layout has given more relevance to the cover image as it is now displayed separately from the profile picture instead of being getting overlayed. It is also a lot bigger in size while the profile pic sits at the left of the page. The next thing you will notice is that Facebook has moved all the information related to the Page like page category, likes count, option to invite friends, about section, photos, apps, etc. to the right side where there used to be Facebook ads. These ads have been moved to further right.

And as for the different Pages sections which generally serve as call-to-action option and vary from page to page have been moved to the left side. The best part is that these sections are fixed which means that they will remain there even if you start scrolling through the Page feed.

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While I personally do like the new Page layout, nothing can be said about the public availability. I happened to stumble upon the layout while I visited my Facebook profile in incognito mode. None of my friends have come across the new layout so far but any of you happen to see it, do let me know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share what you think of the new Page layout.