In the past few months, we have seen various tech giants trying to provide different ways to users for getting their daily dose of breaking and latest news in not only an easier but the fastest way possible. Facebook is also one of those tech giants as it has already released Instant Articles for smartphone users to help them read articles faster. And now it seems like it has another interesting feature which might make it stand apart from the crowd of the news providers.

This new feature, which I saw only a few minutes ago on Facebook Android app, provides an option to follow the writer of the article which you read directly from your News Feed. All you need to do is to tap on the link of the shared article and you will see the option as seen in the screenshots below. You can then choose to follow the writer if you wish to.

Facebook Follow Writers Features

This feature seems to be in testing phase at the moment as the option to follow is not available on every article of the same publication. For example, I got the follow option for an article from The Verge shown in the right-side screenshot but did not get it for its article shown in the left-hand side screenshot.

Facebook Follow Writers Features1

As we all know that not every feature comes out to masses from testing phase, but if Facebook decides to go with this one, it can surely make Facebook stand apart from others. Till now, almost every other news provider service lets you follow your favorite websites and publication but not many of them lets you follow your favorite article writers. In that situation, it will surely attract those readers who love to read articles from a particular writer(s).

What do you think of this feature? Does it appear to be useful to you? Share your views with us using the comments section below.

  • DevShady

    seems interesting!!!
    Hopefully now, I’ll be able to get articles of Michael Fisher instantly.