Facebook has finally launched its Messenger Lite application in India which is basically a trimmed down version of the main Messenger app. It is aimed at users who have lower-specced smartphones with entry-level hardware as well as at those who have to struggle with slow or unreliable internet connectivity. As both of these issues can make it a really frustrating experience to use the main app, the lite version of the app is here to save the day.

In the announcement, Facebook said that Messenger Lite will allow users to perform all standard tasks like sending or receiving texts, emoji, photos, links, and even stickers. The app also supports voice calling but if you are interested in video calling, you have no other choice but to go for the primary Messenger app. But still, this lighter version of the app is quite impressive for its targeted audience, especially considering that it weighs only 10MB in size.

Facebook originally debuted this app last year when it released it for a few selected countries. It was then expanded to over 150 countries earlier this year excluding India but as mentioned in the beginning, it finally released the app in the country where a significant number of users can make use of it.

If interested, you can get Messenger Lite app using the link below and give it a try.