Facebook is reportedly working on an Android video chat device which will offer a big touchscreen display resembling the size of a laptop. The report is coming from Bloomberg citing anonymous sources who further mentioned that the social networking giant also has an Amazon Echo-like smart speaker in works at the moment.

Starting with the Facebook video chat device, it is currently said to be in the prototype phase where different size units ranging 13-inch to 15-inch are being tested at different people’s houses. Other than sporting a gigantic display, it is said to feature “smart camera technology” as well as integration with artificial intelligence (AI). It will be sporting a wide-angle camera lens, a bunch of speakers, and microphone. On the software front, it will be running a form of Android which should make it compatible with hundreds of millions of devices worldwide. The team is also said to be working on a 360-degree camera for the device which will offer even more options to users.

The hardware is basically a step from Facebook to make sure the users stay within its ecosystem of services and offerings. These include the likes of News Feed, video calling, live streaming, and more. The video chat device is also expected to start an all-new product category once it becomes available. It is reported to the first major hardware offering from Facebook with the release expected as soon as next year’s F8 developer conference.