It is the holiday season and we have seen various deals, offers, and other promotional campaigns from different smartphone makers and retailers. Now, it is the turn of Google to join the party. However, Google is offering a different kind of deal for this holiday season.

Google has extended the number of days until you can return a Nexus smartphone purchased from Google Store. The offer which started from Dec 8 will continue till Dec 25, 2015, and if you buy a Nexus 5X or 6P during this period, you can return it until Jan 22, 2016. It is almost double of the standard duration for returning the devices bought from Google Store which is 15 days. Do remember that Google will only refund the price of the Nexus smartphone and not the delivery and handling charges, if any. According to the Google Support page, it may take up to 14 days, after Google receives the device, for the refund to take place.

Google Store Nexus Phone Extended Return

We are sure about the extended return time period on Nexus smartphones in India. However, you can check the same for your country/region by visiting the Google Store.