Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 10 Global ROM earlier this month at an event held in India. It is same as the Chinese ROM at the core with improvements to the speed, performance, and overall user experience but also includes a few changes/new features aimed at the global audience. Similarly, it comes with a bunch of features specifically meant for Indian users to help them get most out of their Xiaomi devices.

This is the reason we decided to dig deep and list all the best MIUI 10 features meant for Indian users. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Paytm Integration with Camera App:

With MIUI 10 Global ROM, Xiaomi has introduced Paytm integration within the native camera app. It means Indian users can now scan the Paytm QR code directly by using the camera on their Xiaomi devices. This will take them directly to the Paytm checkout page and save from the hassle of launching the Paytm app and then going through the process of scanning the code.

Messaging Quick Menu:

Xiaomi has announced quick menu options for the native messaging (SMS) app to help users perform relevant actions faster. It is an extension of the SMS Sender ID functionality which debuted with MIUI 8 in 2016. These quick menu options will depend on the service from which you have received the SMS. It said that the feature supports over 100 Indian services spread across different categories including banking, ticketing, and online payments.

For example: If you receive an SMS from your bank, the quick menu feature might show you quick options for accessing that bank’s official app and checking ATMs nearby. Similarly, if you book a train ticket from IRCTC, you will get quick menu options for checking further details.

Progressive Web Apps for Mi Browser:

MIUI 10 brings Progressive Web App (PWA) support to the Mi Browser for Xiaomi devices. It means users will now be able to use such apps on their browser smoothly. Even though are basically mobile websites, they work similarly to their respective smartphone apps without having to install anything.

Mi Music:

Xiaomi has partnered with Hungama Music to deliver music streaming service directly within the Mi Music app. It boasts over 10 million songs spread across different genre and languages. It also has Dynamic Lyrics support so that you can check lyrics for any song while listening to it.

Mi Video:

The Mi Video app has also been improved as it now includes a collection of various TV shows and movies which can be streamed on the go. Xiaomi has partnered with different content providers to offer more than 500,000 hours of content.

These are the best MIUI 10 features aimed at Indian users. Which of these is your favorite and you are looking forward to using the most? Share your thoughts on these features with us using the comments section below.