Apple Music for Android has finally arrived and has marked an end to the long wait that started when Apple announced it earlier this year. It means, now you can listen to Apple’s catalogue of over 30 million songs right on your Android device. So as you would expect, we installed the Apple Music app on our Android device and took it for a spin. So, here is our full review about the Apple Music for Android and we will take you through it step by step.

Sign-up for Apple Music for Android:

When you will launch the Apple Music on your Android device, the very first thing you will need to do is to log-in using your Apple account. If you do not have one, then you can register for it from within the app. After signing-in, you need to add your payment option and choose the plan. Don’t worry, Apple is offering a 3-months free trial period and you will be charged only after it gets over. As for the plans, you can choose only the Individual plan (INR 120 per month/$9.99 per month) using the Android app at the moment and if you are interested in Family plan, then you will need to use an iOS device or Mac.

Signing-up for Apple Music for Android

Setting up your Apple Music:

Once you are done with the registration process, it is time to setup your Apple Music. The app will ask you to choose the genres and artists of your preference. You can opt for as many genres and artists as you want.

Setting-up Apple Music for Android

Using the Apple Music for Android:

After completing the sign-up and setting-up process, you can start using the app. The home screen of the app is set to ‘For You’ option by default. Here, you will see all the recommendations suggested by Apple Music app for you. You can scroll through the recommendations to browse all of them.

Apple Music for Android Interface

Apple Music on Android does look similar to its iOS counterpart, but it also maintains the design scheme of Android. You can see the hamburger icon at the top left corner and tapping on it will reveal a sidebar with following options: For You, New, Radio, Connect, Playlist, and My Music.

  • For You: As explained above, this option shows you the recommendations suggested by the app.
  • New: Here you will see all the latest and hot tracks from the music industry.

    Apple for Music New Section

  • Radio: This options will show you the list of various radio channels including the Beats 1. Choose the one you would like to listen.

    Apple for Music Radio Section

  • Connect: Remember the artists you chose while setting up the Apple Music! This option will show you latest news and other updates related to those artists.

    Apple for Music Connect Action

  • Playlist: From here, you can create and browse playlists.
  • My Music: Check out all the songs downloaded by you using the Apple Music.

Now, you have got the idea of the Apple Music’s layout and the options that you will get, it’s time to talk about the app’s interface and options while listening to a song. Whenever you will play a song, you will see a small bar at the bottom displaying the song, album, and artist name. On swiping it upwards, you will see complete current song playing interface. Using the three-dot icon at the bottom right, you can choose to add the song to any of your playlists or download the song.

Apple Music for Android Playing Song Interface

Final Verdict:

It is true that Apple Music has one of the largest collection of songs on the planet and when it comes to Android, it definitely becomes worth trying out. But as far as long-term usage is considered, the app is in Beta stage as of now and it has got a number of things to improve on if it has to compete with other Android music streaming apps. For example, the app doesn’t have the option for choosing the desired song quality.

We do expect Apple to improve the app as the time will pass, but since you are getting a 3-month free trial period, so we would recommend you to try out the app at least once and decide for yourself.

Get Apple Music for Android here.

What are your views about the Apple Music for Android app? If you have tried it, would you continue to use it or have you already moved to any other Android app? Share with us using the comments section below.