Credit: WSJ

If a fresh report is to be believed then Android creator Andy Rubin is all set to make a comeback to the world of smartphones since he left Google in 2014 to focus on other ventures. The new Bloomberg report mentions that Rubin is working on a new company named Essential Products Inc. and a flagship smartphone product with bezel-less and modular design approach.

Rubin’s new company Essential is reported to be comprised of about 40 employees with many of them being ex-Apple and Google workers. The company is said to deal in hardware products with main focus on smartphones and smart home devices powered by artificial intelligence. We heard about Rubin’s interest in such a company on previous occasions as well and now, he seems to be closer to making an official announcement as company trademarks have already been registered.

While the company might go on to release a variety of products, its center of focus product is said to be a high-end smartphone for now. The smartphone is reported to have “a large edge-to-edge screen” and no bezels. Essential is reported to have at least one prototype of the product with the display bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus but an overall smaller size due to no bezels. Its display might even feature pressure-sensitivity like the 3D Touch on modern iPhones.

The smartphone is also said to feature a modular design which will allow users to attach modular accessories and enhance its capabilities. The team is reportedly working on a spherical camera module that will allow users to capture high-resolution 360-degree shots.

Essential’s smartphone is aimed at the higher-end market which means it will be released as a competitor to Apple and Google. This is the reason the phone might even feature the use of premium materials like ceramic which we have already seen on phones like the Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi MIX. It is not confirmed whether the smartphone will run Android or not but it is said to be priced around the current price of the iPhone 7.

Andy Rubin is reported to have had discussions with various mobile carriers executives during CES 2017. As for the production, Foxconn is said to be having discussions to grab the order and manufacture the smartphone. Rubin is said to be planning the release of the smartphone around the middle of the year.