After months of speculations and guesses, Google has officially unveiled the name for Android’s latest version and it’s not what you were most likely rooting for. The official name for Android N is Nougat. Yes, you read it right that it’s not Nutella which was supposed to be the fan favorite.

Google made the announcement via a tweet that was sent from Android’s official Twitter handle. While a lot of people (including myself) are not too happy with the name, nothing can be done now.

Later in the day, Google posted Android Nougat statue unwrapping video on YouTube which officially confirmed that it will be Android 7.0. It means Google decided to jump to v7.0 from v6.0.1 Marshmallow without even going for a v6.x release.

So, now it is official that the latest Android version is Android Nougat 7.0. It is currently in developer preview version and will be made public this fall.