Amazon is reportedly working on a new stand-alone app named Anytime. The report is coming from AFTV News which has received a bunch of screenshots featuring app’s name and features. These screenshots are said to have been shared by a user who claimed to have received a survey from Amazon regarding the app.

While Amazon’s Anytime app is basically aimed at messaging and communications, it is reported to be packed with tons of features to make it one stop destination for all needs. Starting with basic features, the app will offer support for sending/receiving texts as well as voice and video calls. It will further allow you to send stickers, emojis, GIFs to make your conversations more interesting along with social media features like camera and video filters. You will be able to share photos while mentioning (@mention) anyone you want which is like tagging someone.

To make the app more social, there will be integrated games which users will be able to play with their contacts. There are other such features like the ability to order, pay bills, split bills, listen to music, share location, and get in touch with businesses. Amazon is also focusing on the privacy aspect as “important conversations” in the app are said to be private and encrypted.

As for how people will connect with each other on Amazon Anytime, it is said to be made possible via name with no link with phone numbers. This is different from the approach followed by many of the currently popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Google Allo, and Viber. The app is further said to be cross platform which means it will be made available for the web, smartphones, and tablets so that you can stay connected from anywhere and anytime.

It should be noted that Amazon is yet to comment or given even a hint regarding its interest or plans of entering the business of instant messaging apps. All of these are speculations at the moment and even if it is true, Amazon will surely have a tough road ahead while battling against current industry leaders. But if Amazon releases such an app, will you be interested in trying the same? Share your thoughts with us using the comments section below.